About us...

Hello! We are Cameron and Rebecca Clark. We were married June 20th, 2015, I know, we’re babies still. I have a passion for music and my husband has a passion for cars.  When we are not working or going to school we are watching, The Walking Dead, New Girl, Fear the Walking Dead, Scream, Scream Queens, and Lost; whatever happens to be in season or on Netflix. 

Together we are Cam + Beck Videos. Videography is a passion that we share. It first started out with me, Rebecca, back when I was about 18 or so and I would film events for my mom and her work. I can’t pin point the exact moment when I picked up a camera and thought, “Hey I should start filming”, but what got the fire started was the reactions in the people’s faces when they would watch my videos. I loved seeing how happy it made them. Not only for the video itself but also for the memories it brought back to them that maybe they forgot about. They were watching my videos and reliving the moments as if for the first time. This made me hungry to make more! I did that for a few years but then with work and school I slowed down for a couple more years. Once I met my husband and he heard me talking about it so much and how I wanted to pursue that as my career, he being the good husband that he is, encouraged me to jump all in! He told me that he would be right by my side. Thus was born Cam + Beck Videos!

 We love to do weddings but are not limited to only that. Our slogan is “Capturing Moments”. Whatever moment is important to you and needs to be captured, we will be there! We enjoy doing baby announcements, birthdays, other events, and much more! We can’t say that we’re perfect but we will do our best J