About us

Hey! What’s goin’ on?! Thanks for visiting our website! Hopefully this means you are interested in our services!

We are Cameron and Rebecca! We have two pups, Kona + Kai. We are based in Arizona and LOVE to travel! On our free time we like to take out the truck and our pups, go on road trips, and off road! We really enjoy adventures and being outside!

We offer video and photo services! Capturing moments is not easy! We like to customize each project to the couple we are working with and that means it could take hours or even a couple days just to find the perfect song for you! Or with photo, making sure that the location and activity is right for you is a big deal! We love exploring and we love new ideas!

If you ask any videographer why they love video, it will probably almost always be because we want to make you cry and relive that big day! Video is so different from photo in that you get all the feels back! Of course we love photo because we need something to fill our picture frames and post to social media! But can a photo make you cry or feel the same feelings that a video can? At least I don’t think so but that’s why we offer both! :) Check out our video and photo page to see the type of services we offer! Then fill out our contact sheet and lets work together! :)

  • Cameron + Rebecca

(all images by @carmelajoyphotography, carmelajoy.com)